Yoga Class Descriptions

We offer heated and non-heated classes, and this is listed in the class name.  Any class with the word “Glow” attached to it is a hot class warmed to 38 degrees celsius, any class stated as “Warm” is set at 33 degrees celsius, and all other classes are room temperature.

Blissful Glow Flow

A vigorous flow class practiced in a room heated to 38 degrees with added humidity, which helps to increase cardiovascular activity thus allowing for a higher caloric burn.  Each teacher will offer their own unique approach to the class with the focus on dynamic movement and physical alignment to optimize the flexibility and toning of muscles, while encouraging greater stability and range of motion through the joints.  As with all of our yoga classes you will also gain the benefits of deepening the connection with your breath as we synchronize the flow of the practice with the flow of the breath, while cultivating a deep sense of focus and clarity within the mind.  All levels of practice are welcome, come well hydrated and ready to sweat!

Warm Flow

This sister class to our Blissful Glow Flow is a great introduction to students new to practicing in a heated environment, or for those who just prefer a little less heat. With the temperature set to 33 degrees and some added humidity, experience all the benefits of a hot class with a moderate dialing down of the intensity level.  Experience the same dynamic flow as you would in our Glow Flow class, mindfully connecting movement with breath, while gaining strength, flexibility and confidence, with the addition of calming the mind and finding an overall sense of balance. All levels of practice are welcome.

Blissful Glow Yin & Firepot Yin

The Yin practice is a slow and mindful practice that allows for deep internal exploration of joints, connective tissue and muscles. Each posture is intentionally designed to help us access the connective tissue surrounding the major joints in the body, and held for an extended period of time to apply the stress needed to strengthen the bones and ligaments, while safely opening the tissues within the joint capsule. Practiced in a heated room we work with mental commitment and supportive breath and become fully present as we participate in the well being and health of our body, mind and spirit.  On Wednesday, Friday & Sunday we offer a special feature to our Yin classes with the addition of Firepots, which provide a special ambience for those days of the week when we need that extra release and some added nourishment so to revitalize the body and the mind.

Blissful Glow Beginner

If you are new to yoga, or new to heated yoga, this class is the perfect class for you!  With the heat a little lower, and the pace slightly slower, expect to learn the fundamentals of the practice, including simple breath techniques to enliven the body while cultivating more focus within the mind, and the importance of foundation and proper alignment of the asana or yoga postures.  With more in depth explanations of the movements and proper usage of yoga props, this class will help foster a strong foundation from which you then can grow your practice.  Beginner Flow is also great for experienced practitioners looking to bring it back to basics and re-strengthen the foundation of their practice.

Blissful Hatha

The word Hatha embodies the balancing aspects of life, Ha representing the Sun or the masculine qualities, and Tha representing the Moon or the feminine qualities.  This practice captures the essence of this equity, offering the opportunity to connect more with your body and your breath, while recognizing and calming the fluctuating tendencies of the mind.  Experience an intentional practice with a focus on proper body mechanics and physical alignment paired with mindfulness and encouraged harmonization of the body, mind and spirit.

Blissful Hatha & Myofascial Release

This class is the perfect class to end your busy week, with a combination of traditional Hatha yoga postures and the integration of therapy balls, which are used for myofascial release techniques (self-massage of soft tissues through movement) to relieve tightness and target specific areas of accumulated tension.  Feel the stress from the week simply melt away and leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated.  All levels of practitioners are welcome.

Blissful Hips

Being the largest joint in our body, and comprised of the muscles of the buttocks and the thighs, the hips are one of, if not the most common place where we experience tightness and inflexibility. This class will work to release the musculature surrounding the hip joints so that we can experience a greater range of motion and more freedom not just in the hips but also through the legs and the lower back.  The hips are also the storehouse for emotions that we are occasionally not able to process in life, and there is an accumulation of cell growth that builds with these suppressed emotions and the tissues around the pelvic area can become dense and stiff.  With deep focus and intentional supportive breath, we can access and release these suppressed emotions by ways of the physical body through hip opening postures.  Heal your body and bring a greater sense of balance into your life in this essential practice.  This class is offered in both a heated and a non-heated environment.  All levels of practice are welcome.   

Aligned Flow (Warm)

Proper technique is essential to a fruitful practice. In this class we will take the time to break down postures and refine each asana with the use of props, the walls and lots of adjustments to make the most out of our time and efforts. This class is an intermediate practice yet welcomes all levels of practitioners who are ready to take their asana practice to the next level of awareness.

Ashtanga Inspired

Ashtanga translates into 8 limbs, and is rooted in the teachings of Pantanjali and the yoga sutras, which weave together 8 aspects of the practice including life observances and disciplines, the postures, breath, concentration, meditation, relaxation or savasana, and total bliss. 

The Ashtanga yoga practice is comprised of 6 series of asana, each which must be completed and approved by a teacher before moving on to the next series. 

In this class we will explore the primary series, which includes postures to both strengthen as well as create more flexibility.  Designed to detoxify and realign the physical layer of being through intentional breath, movement, dristhi (focus), and bandhas (locks), you will purify the body and the mind in what has been described as a moving meditation.  When practiced consistently you can really witness the changes and progression that can be made in this powerful practice!

Blissful Breath & Meditation

In this class you will be guided through some postures useful at creating more space through the hips and the pelvis, and guided through different variations of sitting to ensure comfort.  We will also explore breathing techniques that help to clear and relax the body, cleanse the respiratory system, and prepare the mind for meditation.  With the profound effect that the practice of pranayama (breathing techniques) has, you will feel more connected to the present moment and ready to sit in stillness to become more familiar with your own self, while calming the fluctuations of the mind. This class will provide the teachings of the subtler aspects of the practice of yoga in a fully supportive environment.  All levels of practice are welcome.

Freestyle Friday (warm)

This dynamic vinyasa class sets its tempo to the rhythm of upbeat music in a perfectly warmed environment.  All levels of practice are absolutely welcome to this class, but you can anticipate the exploration of some more advanced variations and postures such as arm balances and inversions, which will be taught workshop style with full support and lots of modifications for those students newer to those types of poses.  Arrive with an open mind and the readiness to challenge yourself and try something new while elevating the element of fun in your yoga practice!

Flow + Yoga Nidra

This class is the perfect mix of movement and relaxation.  Beginning with a feel good flow, focused on creating space in the body and harmonizing all aspects of the self by synchronizing the movement of the body with the movement of the breath. After the asana practice we will move into an extended savasana for a guided lying visualization, which is the practice of Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation method which opens the doorway to the subconscious to allow for shifting of non-serving habits and patterns to help guide us into alignment with our highest state of being. All levels of practice are welcome, no yoga or meditation experience necessary.

Core Yoga

A strong core is imperative for the maintenance of stability through the trunk of the body, overall spinal health and support for proper body mechanics when doing any kind of physical activity, whether that be working around the house, carrying groceries from your car, playing sports, or practicing yoga.  Expect to work hard, have fun, and create lots of internal heat, while learning how every yoga pose can be a core strengthening pose.  This class is offered in both a heated and non-heated environment and is generally a vigorous class but all levels of practice are welcome. 

Rocket Inversions

The Rocket Inversions class is based on the Rocket sequence, which is a fun fast paced flow that will get your heart pumping!  Within the Rocket sequence we explore many different inversions and hand balances and in Rocket Inversions you will have the opportunity to work on those postures with more time and break down of the fundamentals of each pose.  Each class will begin with a Rocket flow to warm up the body, and the last 30 minutes will be dedicated to working on 2-3 of the inversions and hand balances offered within the Rocket sequence.  Expect to sweat, have fun and surprise yourself with what you are truly capable of!!

Yin Yang 

The Yin Yang practice truly allows us to explore the duality that is life.  Masculine and feminine, hot and cold, strong and soft.  With the first half of this class capturing the masculine aspects of the practice, expect a more vigorous flow with poses that help to strengthen and create heat in the body, then slow things right down moving into longer held postures focusing on deep stretching and joint health.  This practice captures fully the polarities within our own being, and will leave you feeling balanced and whole.  This class is offered in both a heated and a non-heated environment.  All levels of practice are welcome.

Peaceful Restoration

This class is designed to guide us into a state of inner peace while relaxing the body, calming the nervous system and slowing the overactive mind.  Peaceful Restoration includes supportive postures using blocks, bolsters and blankets to create comfort and warmth as you completely let go of responsibility, stress and worry.  A restorative practice has been proven to be one of the most beneficial practices here in the Western world, as for one hour we are able to retreat from the bombardment of stimuli that is constantly around us with emails, our jobs, social media, tv, to do lists, radio, traffic, internet, etc. and can fully relax and make our way back to our truest Self.

Sunday Sanctuary & Soundscape

Our Sunday Sanctuary & Soundscape class is the perfect class to close the weekend and recharge before returning to routine on Monday.  With the perfect melding of hatha, yin and restorative postures you will be guided into deeper states of inner awareness and connection to Self, while sitting in the remembrance to always take time to give back to yourself no matter how busy life seems. After moving and purifying the body you will be serenaded through an extended savasana with the sweet sounds of crystal bowls and other healing instruments to sooth the nervous system and heal the body and mind.  All levels of practice are welcome.Warm Rocket Flow

This fast paced and fun flow class is based on the Rocket Yoga series which was created by Larry Shultz, yoga teacher of the rock and roll band The Grateful Dead.  The slogan for this style of practice as quoted by The Grateful Dead band members is that, "Rocket gets you there faster!"  You will experience a similar flow with each class giving you the opportunity to really learn the postures and notice progression, yet expect to experience different portions of the series in each class for variety and dynamics.  There is also a playful aspect to this practice which incorporates at least one hand balance or inversion throughout the flow.  This is considered more of an intermediate practice, but all levels of practitioners are welcome as any advanced posture taught will be broken down and workshopped so everyone has an opportunity to give it a try.  Expect to have fun and get a great sweat on!!

Please be on your mat five minutes prior to class start time as we close registration at that time - no exceptions. If you pre-registered and do not show up within that 2 hours prior to class, you will lose one class off your pass or one day from your unlimited.


Please note that towels are not provided for showers in yoga change rooms.

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