2017 Spring Fling Yoga & Lifestyle Challenge

To live in our most optimal state of being we must be balanced, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Achieving harmonious states throughout all aspects of our lives is one of the fundamental teachings of yoga.  Through meditation and breath work we steady and balance the mind, and through asana we find balance between strength and flexibility.  Yoga also guides us to be more present in our lives, and to be more mindful with our eating habits and inspires us to make life-enhancing choices that lead us towards that balanced and most optimal state. 

In this year’s Spring Challenge we hope to encourage not only a regular yoga practice through our Yoga Challenge, but are adding in a bonus Lifestyle Challenge to help motivate you to move towards your best and balanced Self!

The yoga challenge is…

Complete 30 classes in 60 days, 10 of which must be “Non-Glow Flow” (Glow Flow, Warm Flow, or Beginner Glow Flow) *

Bonus lifestyle challenge…

3-Day Juice Cleanse by Splash Juicery to help clear the body of toxins and stagnation built up over the winter months and get you ready for summer.  The 3-day juice cleanse includes 6 cold press organic juices per day, 1 detox tea, and digestive support supplements.  Juices will be delivered to Bliss YogaSpa for convenient pick-up.  Cost - $179 with $10 off for challengers. 

21-Day Fresh Fits Foods Challenge, which includes 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks each day for 21 days, all created to promote a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, as well as increase energy levels and metabolic function, lower cholesterol and decrease body fat.  Food will be delivered to Bliss YogaSpa for convenient pick-up.  Cost - $769

Lifestyle Balance Program which will run on Saturdays at 2:30pm for the month of April (there will be no class Easter weekend), and will help in building healthy lifestyle habits to support achieving your health goals.  In this program you will learn about:
• Macronutrients: Why we need carbs, fat and protein
• Balanced eating principles
• How to manage cravings
• Digestive health
• Stress management
Cost - $150 with $10 off for challengers.

The beauty about our Spring Yoga Challenge this year is that it gives you the power to create a challenge that is the most suitable for your needs and lifestyle!

* non-glow flow classes include: workshops, Yin Yang (includes warm), Hatha, Core (warm core), Peaceful Restoration, Blissful Hips (includes warm), Flow +Nidra, Core & Inversions, Breath & Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Freestyle Friday, Sunday Sanctuary, Yin (includes Firepot), Fun Sunday, Hatha and Myofascial release