2018 Spring Fling Yoga & Lifestyle Challenge

To live in our most optimal state of being we must be balanced, physically, mentally and emotionally. Achieving harmonious states throughout all aspects of our lives is one of the fundamental teachings of yoga. Yoga also guides us to be more present in our lives and inspires us to make life-enhancing choices that lead us towards that balanced and most optimal state.
In this year’s SpringFling Yoga Challenge we hope to encourage not only a regular yoga practice but also self care; by adding in bonus Self Care Icentives we are hoping to to help motivate you to move towards your best and balanced Self!

The Yoga part of the Challenge is...

    Complete 30 classes in 60 days kicked off with Ricky’s 7:30 class
    on March 1. We will have treats from Splash and spa samples!

Bonus Self-Care Challenges... 

    Yoga Workshops including: (1 class bonus per workshop)

  • Understanding Belief Systems - March 3
  • Essential Coherence ~ A Vibrational Experience - March 5 & 6
  • The Yamas & Niyamas ~ Foundational Yoga Philosophy - March 10
  • Yoga for Golf ~ March 17 & 24
  • Soul Sense Book Launch ~ March 18
  • Say NO to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - March 24
  • Allergy & Migraine Workshop ~ March 25
  • Hormone Therapy for Women ~ April 7 & 14
  • Free Your Hip Flexors - April 8
  • Yin & Massagte ~ April 29

    Any Spa treatment at Bliss counts as 1 class credit. Giving yourself a "treat"
    is important to your self care.
The beauty about our Spring Yoga Challenge is that it gives you the power to create a challenge that is the most suitable for your needs and lifestyle, and we are giving you tools to take your practice home and beyond!  Complete the challenge by coming to a Bliss YogaSpa class for any 30 days in March and April including the bonus challenges, and you will receive a B Mat Traveller in one of six colours. Sign up in the yoga lounge to track your progress but also know that we will be tracking in our MindBody system! Make sure you are signed in for all classes, workshops and registered classes!

PLUS you will be entered into a draw for over $1000 in prizes including class passes yoga gear, massages, facials and pedicures!

Draw winners posted and notified by May 5, 2018